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Can I Mount TV on plasterboard wall?

Sports, documentaries, reality shows, and movies are among the most loved programmes on TV today. No matter how you plan to use your television, you’ll need to decide where and how to position it. Using a TV stand is by far the simplest option but depending on the size of your TV, these pieces of furniture can intrude into an already crowded living room.

Another drawback of using a TV stand is that your television will have a low viewing position, plus, there’s always the risk that pets or children may knock your TV over, causing damage and injuries. As such, the best alternative to a TV stand is to mount your television on a wall. Unfortunately, not all walls will have studs, so knowing how to mount a TV on a plaster wall without studs is important.

There’re a few ways to wall mount a TV on plaster walls including:

Ceiling mounting


Mounting plates

Generally, the best option for you will depend on your circumstances. For example, using a ceiling mounting can be quite difficult physically, and mounting plates may not be the most aesthetically pleasing option. The most important thing to consider is to use a mounting that can properly support the weight of your TV. Usually, the heavier the TV, the stronger the mount will need to be

Will a plasterboard wall hold a TV?

You may be wondering if you can mount a TV on plasterboard – and the answer is yes, you can mount your television onto a plasterboard wall, but, it’ll need to be done correctly to prevent damage to your home and TV. Generally, a plasterboard wall will hold a TV securely and safely, but this is only as long as you use the right mounting. You should consider using an anchor or mounting plate for best results.

How to mount a TV on the wall without a stud finder

If you don’t own a stud finder it’s often very tricky to locate the studs in your wall. Or, perhaps the location where you want to install your TV doesn’t have any studs at all. Thankfully, you can easily learn how to mount a TV on the wall without a stud finder, instead, using an anchor. Follow the below steps to hang a TV when you can’t find a stud:

1. Position your anchor where you would like to install your TV and use a pencil to indicate exactly how you want it to sit.

2. Use a drill to make holes where your marks are located.

3. Trim the plywood to the correct size, then attach it to the wall using screws.

4.  Use screws to connect the bracket to the plywood.

5. Ask a friend to help you to lift and attach your TV to the bracket.

6. Finally, plug in your TV and enjoy.

How much weight can I hang on a plaster wall?

Now we know a little more about different types of mounting and how this differs depending on the size and weight of your TV. But, if your television is particularly heavy, you may find it useful to know that generally, with the right mounting, plasterboard can hold up to 50kg

Hiring a professional to wall mount your TV

Televisions are by no means cheap, so it’s always a good idea to put careful consideration into mounting your TV correctly and safely. If you don’t feel confident doing this yourself, always speak to a professional rather than doing a poor-quality job. After all, the safety of your pets and family is at risk if your TV falls down

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