Frequently Asked Questions

TV wall mounting service 

Looking for a “TV wall mounting service near me”? You’re not alone. Many of our customers have questions about everything from the specifics of TV mounting to the intricacies of soundbar installation. At TV Mounter, we understand that every home entertainment setup is unique. That’s why we’ve compiled a comprehensive FAQ section on our website, to address all your queries. Whether it’s choosing the right TV bracket, understanding the process of wires concealing, or learning more about our LED light attachment service, we’ve got you covered. Our aim is to provide clear, straightforward answers that help make your decision easier.

Our services extend across Greater London, Kent, Essex, Hertfordshire, and beyond, ensuring professional TV installation and mounting solutions are readily available. From the type of TV mounts suitable for your space to the benefits of opting for professional TV installers, our FAQ page dives into the details. We also touch upon the importance of trunking in maintaining a neat appearance and the added ambiance LED backlighting can bring to your TV viewing experience. With TV Mounter, getting your TV mounted or installing a new soundbar becomes a hassle-free process, supported by experts every step of the way.

Yes. We can mount any TV, safely and securely on a plasterboard stud wall or dry lined wall with the correct type of bracket and fixings. We can achieve this by fixing into metal or wooden studs using a stud detector to locate them. If the wall is Dot & Dab (Brickwork Behind plasterboard) we will drill back deep into the brickwork for a secure fixing. All our brackets have a wide mounting load to enable us to locate the studs while still maintaining the screen position

Yes we do supply the right bracket for any size of TV. There are few different types of brackets like, flat, tilt and swivel/full motion; based on client’s needs we supply any brackets. If you already have a bracket please make sure bracket needs to be compatible with the specific size and make of your television, according to the VESA standard.​

It depends on TV size; type of wall and bracket; on an average it takes 60-90 minutes just for mounting. We complete every job with great care and attention.

Yes you can cancel your appointment with 24 hours advance notice, if you want to reschedule date we can do that for you.

The cost depends on TV size, location, wall type and bracket. We advise to call our customer service for an accurate quote.

Absolutely wires can be concealed on plasterboard wall and can be hidden on any walls through trunking.

Yes, it can be mounted but we recommend tilting bracket for optimum view as TV goes above eye level.

Yes our engineers are committed and available for weekends and bank holiday

Our professionals work all year round, and we attend most of our calls on a same day.

You can pay through bank transfer or cash.

We understand that our customers can’t always be home during the typical 9 to 5 service window. Our usual working hours are 7am/8pm-Mon/Sun. Saturday and Sunday’s book up fast, so please call in advance. We can also work nights upon request.

We are specialized on TV wall mounting; any additional jobs need to be pre agreed

Greater London, Kent, Essex, Surry, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire Sussex and more, please call us to find out more

You need to provide the TV you want to mount, if you get bracket from us then you don’t need to provide anything else except TV.

We give one-hour window like 10am-11am, and installation time depends on TV, wall and bracket